Tasks On Customers

Create tasks related to customers and assign them on your employees, track progress, deadlines and statuses easily

Organize Team Work Easily

  • Using Tasks on Customers extension you and your employees can remember important tasks and things to complete about specific customer
  • Each task has author, responsible and due date – you’ll see how thins are going on
  • Only task author or responsible employee may edit task detail and only task author – delete it
  • List of all customer related tasks may be found on customer view pge
  • It’s possible to add bulk tasks on multiple customers at once


It’s easy to adapt extension for your business

  • You may create different types of tasks: Calls, Follow Up, Meeting, Pre-Sale, Birthday Email etc
  • Also you may create statuses for tasks: Not started, Assigned, Processed, Completed, In progress etc and use this info to track progress
  • Also you may assing specific priority to tasks, i.e. Urgent, Normal, Important, Minor etc.

Improve visibility

  • All created tasks in your company may be filtered by responsible, author, status, priority, due dates and type
  • It’s possible to configure quick links from top menu to view todays tasks, upcoming tasks etc.

Updates History

v 1.0 2014-07-27

  • Initial release. Core features.
  • Create and assign tasks
  • View tasks by author, responsible, task type, status, priority and deadline

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