Cron Jobs Log and Scheduler

Cron Jobs Log – Perfect solution to track and manage magento cron jobs

View Cron Schedule from Administration Panel

  • Previously you queried database to view history of cron jobs. With our extension it’s not required! Log of magento cron jobs is displayed right into your administration panel
  • You may limit access to log entries to specific users using builtin magento Roles feature
  • Also you may restart multiple cron jobs at once

Perfect errors diagnostic tool

  • Cron Jobs are very crucial part of any magento installation and using this extension you may view failed job in two clicks and restart it
  • You may track how cron jobs work for your magento installation and track cron status on your server, is it enabled or not
  • Schedule new cron jobs or update timeline of existing jobs from magento admin

Updates History

v 1.1 2014-09-28

  • Scheduler Feature

v 1.0 2014-07-31

  • Initial release. Core features.

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