Order Files Magento Extension

Attach files to orders and let your customers view and download allowed files

From time to time store owners are looking for an option to attach files to customer orders. It can be some kind of contract, license agreement, creative work, i.e. design or something like that.


Using Order Files magento extension magento allows store onwers to

  • Attach files to orders
  • Leave comments and name for files per order
  • Make some files to be visible and downloadable by customer

And customers may

  • View attached files to orders and specific order at order view page
  • Download files and view comments per each file


  • Store owner may attach unlimited amount of files per each order
  • Customer may overview all files attached to his order from single page

Would you like to let customers discuss files on orders?

Please consider my yet another extension that allows customers to leave notes on orders so store owner or managers may view customer notes about any order easily

Updates History

v 1.0 2015-09-05

  • Initial release, core features only


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