Notes On Customers For Magento 2

Notes On Customers For Magento 2
With this extension you can add and manage notes on your customers and
  • View notes about customer on customer edit page and any order related to this customer
  • Display some comments to customer on his or her customer dashboard page
  • View list of all notes added to customers by specific manager

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  • Compatibility:  2.x
  • Product Version:  1.0

Assign personal comments on your customers and view such info right form customer view and order create/view page

This extension offers you set of unique features:

  • Store notes about your customers in seconds
  • Add notes to customer right from customer edit page
  • You can update and delete notes in seconds
  • Also you can view notes on your customer right from order create and ordere view¬†page


Advanced Features

  • All allowed comments will be displayed to customer
  • Notify customer via email about added note
  • Specify custom subject, sender name and email for email notifications



  • Track history of customer comments and notes by different managers
  • View all comments assigned by specific manager
  • Keep in mind important info about customers
  • Share knowledge on customers between all managers

Import Notes On Customers from CSV file

If you need to import previously created notes and assign them to customer – now it’s possible.

Just create CSV file with two columns: customer email and text notes. Then uee command

php bin/magento mas:cnotes:import full-path-to-csv.file


To get all notes listed in CSV file attached to your customers.

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