Ecommerce Consulting Services

We understand the challenges faced by online stores and that’s why we would like to share our experience with you.

Topics, we can help you with

Right technology selection

We can recommend best solution based on your preferences and conditions

Platform overview

We can review your current platform and propose several technical steps to improve performance, scalability and stability

Propose proper implementation options

We can review your requirements and propose detailed plan for development and, if required, preliminary quote to get this done

Estimates validation

We can validate quotes from your current vendor or potential vendors so you can be confident in your choice

Technical Questions

Don't afraid to ask highly technical or specific questions related to the integrations, development or scalability.

Chief Technology Officer as a Service

We can provide strategic and technical guidance to you in information technology, product development, and data security

Book your consulting session

3 Key Steps

  1. Buy your consulting session
  2. Select available slot, or propose your one
  3. Share any information with us prior to the session so we can provide the most value for you 

Limited Offer – Each subsequent session is $69 only


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We review information you provide prior to the session, ask questions if any
  2. We conduct a consulting session where we share our thoughts and recommendations based on provided information
  3. We are happy to answer on your follow up questions
  4. Optional. Schedule next consulting session

Our wide experience helps us recommend working and efficient solutions and ignore solutions that have low positive impact on your business.

Of course, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but we are analyzing our experience and choose the right options for your needs.

Usually we use Zoom, Email and our Support System.

But we are open for alternative if you prefer different options.

Based on your feedback, your satisfaction and your results after our assistance. 

For our long-term clients, we define KPIs and focus on them.

Actually, not. Should the additional session be required, we offer discounted pricing starting at $69 per session