Send Email To Customers

Send template based emails to multiple customers or anyone in a few clicks directly from administration area.


  • Send email to your customer right from customer edit or order view page
  • It’s easy to send the same email to multiple customers – just pick customers or their order and select in mass action dropdown “send emails”
  • View history of all emails sent to customer in tab right on customer edit page
  • View history of all emails related to specific order right in tab on order view page
  • Track opens of your emails by your customers and analyze such information
  • Extension is optimized to send bulk emails from magento using cron job or right after email creating


New features

  • Send emails not only to existing customers, but to anyone right from your magento
  • Create list of most used recepients in module settings and use pre-defined email addresses to create and send emails in magento faster

Send Template Based Emails easily

  • You may create template for email: specify subject, body, sender name and recepients and use it for sending emails
  • Save your time and increase productivity


Additional Features

  • View history of all emails send to specific recepients in magento administration
  • Send emails to specific recepients, not only to your customers
  • Send files attached to emails you’re sending to your customers



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