Send Email To Customers

Send Email To Customers
With this extension you can send emails to your customers right from magento backend
  • You can send emails right from orders grid to multiple recepients
  • You can send emails right from customers grid to multiple recepients
  • You can email from order view or customer view page in backend
  • You can track opens of your emails and analyze such information
  • Each email can contains personal information about customer and his or her order
  • As a bonus, you can send emails not only to your customers, but also for everyone from your magento

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  • Compatibility:  1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
  • Product Version:  3.0

Send template based emails to multiple customers or anyone in a few clicks directly from administration area.


  • Send email to your customer right from customer edit or order view page
  • It’s easy to send the same email to multiple customers – just pick customers or their order and select in mass action dropdown “send emails”
  • View history of all emails sent to customer in tab right on customer edit page
  • View history of all emails related to specific order right in tab on order view page
  • Track opens of your emails by your customers and analyze such information
  • Extension is optimized to send bulk emails from magento using cron job or right after email creating


New features

  • Send emails not only to existing customers, but to anyone right from your magento
  • Create list of most used recepients in module settings and use pre-defined email addresses to create and send emails in magento faster

Send Template Based Emails easily

  • You may create template for email: specify subject, body, sender name and recepients and use it for sending emails
  • Save your time and increase productivity


Additional Features

  • View history of all emails send to specific recepients in magento administration
  • Send emails to specific recepients, not only to your customers
  • Send files attached to emails you’re sending to your customers



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3 Reviews

  1. Shaun says:

    I have installed now it has worked so all good… thanks anyway 🙂

  2. arinsall says:

    This extension of the category set, set and forget. Does the job very well. Works well and smoothly. No problems here. I highly recommend.

  3. axtore says:

    We’ve tried a few different email to customer extensions. This one had everything we needed. From the ability to email an individual customer on their order page or choose to send email to multiple customers from Manage Customers. We also like that we can see an email log for each customer showing all message details. There is also a log that shows emails sent from every customer. Creating email templates is such a time saver and a huge benefit to the CRM side of our business.
    The developer is easy to communicate with and open to suggestions for improvements regarding extension. Relatively speaking this developer is quick to respond given our vast differences in time zones