Notes On Customers

Assign personal or bulk comments on your customers and view such info right form customer view and order view page

Our Extension converts your Magento Store in real CRM tool, where you can store and manage comments on your customers easily.

What can you do?

  • Store notes about your customers in seconds
  • Add notes to customer right from customer edit page
  • It’s possible to add notes to multiple customers at once, so you can easily add the same note to different customers
  • You can update and delete notes in seconds
  • Also you can view notes on your customer right from order detail page

Advanced Features

  • You can enable displaying comments to customer at customer dashboard page
  • After that, all allowed comments will be displayed to customer
  • Showing notes on customer at order creation step: nothing important about customer shouldn’t be missed


  • Track history of customer comments and notes by different managers
  • View all comments assigned by specific manager
  • Keep in mind important info about customers
  • Share knowledge on customers between all managers

And combination with our similiar extension but for products – Product Notes And Comments gives you more flexibility in storing and managing comments on your products and customers.

Updates History

v 1.8 2015-11-17


v 1.4 2014-11-24

  • View notes on customer during creation of new order for him

v 1.3 2014-10-08

  • Note length was increased

v 1.1 2014-05-15

  • Bulk comments assignmnents

v 1.0 2014-02-28

  • Initial release, core features only

Do you want to get free installation?

It’s easy, just drop me a line to after your purchase with ftp and magento credentials.
I will install all extensions from your order for you for free.


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