Where To Buy

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Let your customers know local stores where they can view, test, purchase or pick-up your products or services


  • Perfect solution if you have more than one physical store or point of service
  • You can attach unlimited amount of products or services available in your location
  • Your customers can view stores where they can test your products
  • You can assign personal availability comment to each product or to store in general
  • Each store has perfect seo-optimized landing page with friendly url, meta information and list of products available there

Additional Features

  • Have a lot of physical stores or point of services? No need to create unique descriptions for each stores – use pre-defined templates
  • No need to display map with your location? No problem, it can be turned off easily in module settings
  • Do you want to brand stores on map? Use custom icon for store markers.

Integration Features

  • Easy to customize extension – source code is open and ready for modifications
  • Styles are located in separate files – no need to dive into templates to change look and feel