Products Landing Pages

Products Landing Pages
Create separate pages with your products selected manually or by conditions. Display images, text or content from cms blocks above and below products list.
  • Improve your store seo - each page has unique url and meta information
  • Choose products to show manually or by conditions, i.e. - only on-sale products
  • Create as may landing pages as you want
  • Show products selection on cms pages or above products category
  • Increase sales conversion. Let your customers see exactly what they want

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  • Compatibility:  1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
  • Product Version:  2.8

Create seo optimized pages with your products selected manually or by conditions

General Features

  • sCreate pages with your products, each page has unique url, meta content and description
  • Embed selected products in your cms pages
  • Compatible with default layered navigation
  • Move specific products above another products in list of products
  • Select products from 2 or more categories
  • Easily add new products to be displayed on landing page
  • Create landing page for specific store view
  • New! Choose layout for landing page, columns count and page mode: grid view or list view
  • New! Create product selection based by attributes values, i.e. “only red t-shirts by adidas” or “nike shoes only from spring collection

SEO Features

  • seoEach page has seo friendly url
  • For each page you can define custom meta title, h1 tag, meta information
  • Use templates to create title and meta information for large amount of pages
  • Each page has auto generated breadcrumbs
  • You can put custom text above or below products list
  • For each page canonical url is created by default, to avoid duplicating content

Tuning and configuration options

  • Each landing page may have specific amount of products per page
  • Each landing page may display products as grid or list
  • Each landing page may have specific amount of columns (for grid mode)
  • Each landing page may have specific page layout: 1 column, 2columns-left , 3columns, 2columns-right
  • It’s possible to provide custom layout update to remove or add some additional block on landing page


Tips and Tricks

  • How to embed landing page on cms page?
    Use code {{block type=”maslandingpro/landing_view” template=”mas_maslandingpro/landing/view.phtml” landing_id=”X”}} where X – id of your landing page, you can get this code on general tab when you edit page
  • How to show limited amount of products on cms page?
    Add limit=”X” as param to cms block code, where X – amount of products to show. For example – {{block type=”maslandingpro/landing_view” template=”mas_maslandingpro/landing/view.phtml” landing_id=”Y” limit=”3″}} where Y – id of your landing page

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8 Reviews

  1. Rgrainey19 says:

    Great customer service. Prompt response, and an immediate fix to a conflict I had with another extension. If you plan on having your e-commerce for a long time, (and who doesn’t), isn’t it worth teaming up with someone who provides the best service? That’s Alex. We’re his new #1 fans.

  2. Randy says:

    Easy to use, works as advertised (maybe even better). Handy tool that when properly used will help seo, and user experience. Love it!

  3. bandmerch says:

    We just ordered this extension with realtime support. Extension bought and within 30 minutes the extension was installed, including a free sample. What else do you need?

  4. patrecord says:

    This is the best extension to create Landing Pages. There are many option to set and support is second to none. Thanks to Alexander;-)

  5. rudtmed says:

    Two Thumbs up For The Developer. Fast Respon, Good Solution and support for me. He even help me to solved my magento problem. Hope his work benefit more for others

  6. djante says:

    Super Developer, Efficient and very Effective Plugins! Alexander the Great!

  7. “Products Landing Pages” saved me from countless hours trying to develop landing pages and sale pages on my website.
    Easy to install and easy to use. Highly recommended.

  8. Module is really flexible and exactly what we needed – lots of potential. Alex was fantastic and replied straight away when we had queries, would recommend. Thank you!