Products Landing Pages

Create seo optimized pages with your products selected manually or by conditions

General Features

  • sCreate pages with your products, each page has unique url, meta content and description
  • Embed selected products in your cms pages
  • Compatible with default layered navigation
  • Move specific products above another products in list of products
  • Select products from 2 or more categories
  • Easily add new products to be displayed on landing page
  • Create landing page for specific store view
  • New! Choose layout for landing page, columns count and page mode: grid view or list view
  • New! Create product selection based by attributes values, i.e. “only red t-shirts by adidas” or “nike shoes only from spring collection

SEO Features

  • seoEach page has seo friendly url
  • For each page you can define custom meta title, h1 tag, meta information
  • Use templates to create title and meta information for large amount of pages
  • Each page has auto generated breadcrumbs
  • You can put custom text above or below products list
  • For each page canonical url is created by default, to avoid duplicating content

Tuning and configuration options

  • Each landing page may have specific amount of products per page
  • Each landing page may display products as grid or list
  • Each landing page may have specific amount of columns (for grid mode)
  • Each landing page may have specific page layout: 1 column, 2columns-left , 3columns, 2columns-right
  • It’s possible to provide custom layout update to remove or add some additional block on landing page


Tips and Tricks

  • How to embed landing page on cms page?
    Use code {{block type=”maslandingpro/landing_view” template=”mas_maslandingpro/landing/view.phtml” landing_id=”X”}} where X – id of your landing page, you can get this code on general tab when you edit page
  • How to show limited amount of products on cms page?
    Add limit=”X” as param to cms block code, where X – amount of products to show. For example – {{block type=”maslandingpro/landing_view” template=”mas_maslandingpro/landing/view.phtml” landing_id=”Y” limit=”3″}} where Y – id of your landing page

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