Product Features

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Highlight important product features and let your customers know your benefits


  • Create unlimited amount of features and specify related products
  • Each feature has own seo friendly url, description and list of related products
  • Group products or your services by features
  • Show product or service features right on product detail page
  • Highlight to your customers your benefits and additional services easily
  • No need to specify custom meta info for each feature, use templates from settings to auto generate it!
  • Assing feature to products on feature edit page or on product edit page


Additional Features

  • Display product features in sidebar or in product description
  • Specify title of product blocks
  • You can show feature description on product page or hide it


Tips and Tricks

  • Where can i edit list of product features on product page? Templates are located in this folder app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductfeatures\catalog\product\list\
  • Where to edit template of feature detail page? You can edit it at app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductfeatures\feature\view.phtml
  • Where to change layout of feature detail page? You can adjust it at app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\mas_masproductfeatures.xml
  • How to embed list of features in cms page? Use the following snippet {{block type="masproductfeatures/feature_list" name="aaa2" template="mas_masproductfeatures/feature/list.phtml" source="product"}} where source may have “product” to show feature icons assigned to product view page or “list” – to product list page.
  • How to show only selected features? Use the following snippet {{block type="masproductfeatures/feature_list" name="aaa_features_selected" ids="1,2,3" template="mas_masproductfeatures/feature/list.phtml" source="product"}} where “ids” is comma separated list of features IDs. You make view IDs of features in backend in list of product features.

One Review

  1. We use this extension to display and manage product classification icons / product badges. It’s the only extension that we found has this functionality or anything like it. Features images and descriptions are easy to manage. There is an extra tab when editing a product to assign it’s features. There are two lines that need to be added to the view and list templates.
    The developer has been very helpful adding a bespoke import function for less than the price of the extension and he also added the view customisations at the same time.
    I highly recommend this extension and it’s developer if you need to display icons for you product features.
    Magento 1.9.1 (was not in the release drop down)