Product Features

Highlight important product features and let your customers know your benefits


  • Create unlimited amount of features and specify related products
  • Each feature has own seo friendly url, description and list of related products
  • Group products or your services by features
  • Show product or service features right on product detail page
  • Highlight to your customers your benefits and additional services easily
  • No need to specify custom meta info for each feature, use templates from settings to auto generate it!
  • Assing feature to products on feature edit page or on product edit page


Additional Features

  • Display product features in sidebar or in product description
  • Specify title of product blocks
  • You can show feature description on product page or hide it


Tips and Tricks

  • Where can i edit list of product features on product page? Templates are located in this folder app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductfeatures\catalog\product\list\
  • Where to edit template of feature detail page? You can edit it at app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductfeatures\feature\view.phtml
  • Where to change layout of feature detail page? You can adjust it at app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\mas_masproductfeatures.xml
  • How to embed list of features in cms page? Use the following snippet {{block type="masproductfeatures/feature_list" name="aaa2" template="mas_masproductfeatures/feature/list.phtml" source="product"}} where source may have “product” to show feature icons assigned to product view page or “list” – to product list page.
  • How to show only selected features? Use the following snippet {{block type="masproductfeatures/feature_list" name="aaa_features_selected" ids="1,2,3" template="mas_masproductfeatures/feature/list.phtml" source="product"}} where “ids” is comma separated list of features IDs. You make view IDs of features in backend in list of product features.

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