Sales Comments Templates

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Save your time on processing orders, invoices, shipments and crededit memos – use pre-defined comments templates.

Using this extension you can create list of pre-defined comments for your orders and invoices, process documents faster.

edit-commentIt will be useful, if you send the same order or invoice comments to your customers via email. Just create list of most used comments and it will be displayed near comment field in admin.



  • You can add unlimited amount of pre-defined templates for orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos
  • You can specify store views where comments templates should be displayed. For example, you can define pre-defined template for your french or german store view

Additional Features


  • Comment is displayed in email notification and history as well
  • It’s multi-store extension. So you will use comments on French for french orders, English comments – for orders from english store view


  • Process more orders in less time
  • Notify customers about important changes or updates easily

One Review

  1. Order and installed (for FREE) in less than 15 minutes! With 15days money back nothing can go wrong