Product Categories

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Show to your customers in which categories product can be found.


  • sidebarShow list of available categories in sidebar on product view page or right in product description
  • You can define header of categories block, i.e. “compatible products”, “related categories”, “check also” etc right from settings, no need to modify template

Additional Features

  • You can hide specific categories from list of available categories
  • You can easily modify styles and templates if required, because extension source code is open and ready for modifications

Tips and Tricks

  • Where to edit template of related categories on product page?
    Template of related tests is located at app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductincategories\list.phtml if categories are displayed in product description and at app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mas_masproductincategories\sidebar.phtml if in sidebar