Sales Manager and Dealers for Magento 2

Sales Manager and Dealers for Magento 2
  • Assign customer to sales manager to let him manage further orders of customer
  • View as admin user performance related to customer engagement / orders completion on per sales manager basis
  • Let customer see sales manager details in storefront

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  • Admin credentials
  • Log in as demo / demo123 to see store admin permissionst o filter customers / orders by sales manager and create / edit sales manager details
  • Log in as salesman / demo1234 to see orders / customers as a sales manager

  • Customer credentials
  • Log in as / to see sales manager details in action
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  • Compatibility:  2.x
  • Product Version:  1.0

If you’re selling to multiple customers, if you have sales managers in your team to create / process orders for customers and looking for solution to limit access to sales / customer son per sale manager basis – this extension is for you.

Take a look in its awesome features below.

Create accounts for sales managers and let them manage only their customers / orders

  • Assign customer to specific sales manager
  • Limit access to sales manager only to orders created by / for his customer
  • Filter orders and customers by sales managers and quickly review numbers, their performance etc.
  • Export statistic on per-sales manager basis into CSV file to analyze it later


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Sales Managers Features

Depending on settings sale manager may see / create / process orders only for customers created by himself or assigned to him



Let customer see his personal sales manager details with option to contact him from your web-site


In case of any questions during cart overview customer may see sales manager credentials as well:


What’s next?

This extension is useful and functional. But in combination with my Notes on Customers and Notes on Orders extensions for Magento 2 you will beat your competitors in terms of customer service and  sales management flow.

Want to buy pack of 3 extensions (Notes on Customers Notes on Orders and Sales Manager) with 30% discount and free installation?

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