Notes On Orders For Magento 2

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Let customers leave orders on their orders and receive your replies back via email and at order view page

Magento 2 allows you to notify customer via email about changes related to order status. It’s good, but what if you need to ask additional information from your customers before start processing order or customers forgot to add something important related to recently placed order? In this case this Notes On Order For Magento 2 extension is more than required.


What can you do?

  • Store notes about orders in seconds
  • Add notes to order right from order view page
  • Get Email notification if customer send new note on his order
  • Send Email notification to customer if you want to notify customer about new note
  • Also your customers may view notes at order view page in their dashboard and reply to you back
  • You may choose which notes to show to customer and which ones to hide


Example of email you get after adding note to order by customer


Customer may provide final note per order for you


And combination with our Notes on Customers for Magento 2  gives you more flexibility in storing and managing comments on your orders and customers.