Store Rating and Reviews

Store Rating and Reviews
Start accepting customer reviews to improve your customer service
  • Create as many criteria as you need
  • Accept and analyze customer feedback
  • Let potential customers know how existing customers estimate your work
  • Track and analyze customer's feedback to improve your business processes

Take a look at store reviews that can be installed on your magento store today

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  • Compatibility:  2.x
  • Product Version:  1.0

Know how customers rate your rate your store and track customer satisfaction easily

Let customers share their review on your store

Store Review Form

Moderate and approve reviews from admin area


You can define your own criteria and request customers feedback based on aspects you’re interested in

Store Review Criteria

Edit review and leave your reply to customer review and let customers overview your reaction

Store Reviews Store Reaction


Track and analyze reviews trends to improve your customer service

Store Reviews Trend


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