How to increase magento performance using built in feautures?

Magento is a powerful e-commerce online solution and has a bunch set of great feauters. How to optimize magento perofmance for free using built-in magento features?

I recommend the following action steps:

Keep magento caching enabled

You can find this setting at System > Cache Management

Merge js and css files to decrease amount of simultaneous requests to your server

Setting can be found at System > Configuration > Developer

Enable compilation of magento source code

Setting can be found at System > Tools > Compilation

A few notes:

  • Please note, that some extension can conflict with compilation mode enabled and can throw an error.
  • Each time you install new extension or modify existing file on your magento – it’s strongly recommended to re-compile source code again


These steps can save some server resource and decrease page load time.

If you’re looking for magento performance optimization services – contact me know, magento can be very fast.