Quantity Box on Catalog Pages for Magento 2

Quantity Box on Catalog Pages for Magento 2
Let your customers add selected products to cart in specified quantity easily
  • Your customers may specify at catalog page quantity of product they want to purchase and add specified quantity of products to cart
  • Extensions allows configurables to be added to cart in selected configuration right from catalog pages

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  • Compatibility:  2.x
  • Product Version:  1.0

Add quantity field on catalog pages for products and let customers add products in required quantity to cart right from catalog pages


By default Magento 2 allows to show quantity box only on product view page. Quantity Box on Catalog Pages for Magento 2 adds quantity field on catalog pages as well.

It works for List and Grid view.

Quantity field for home page


Core benefits of extension

  • Your customers or dealers may add products to cart right from catalog pages
  • Using this extension customers may add configurable product to cart from Catalog Pages in selected configuration. By default Magento 2 swatches doesn’t allow that

Add selected products on page in required configuration to cart in one click


You may enable in module configuration bulk adding to cart selected products on category page! Try it now

Quantity Increments are supported by this extension is well

If you’re selling products based on qty increments extension take it into account. Take a look and try to add 3 items in cart for product having 2 as qty increment.



I have custom theme. Will it work for me?

  • Absolutely, in case of any issues I make extension compatible with your theme for free (if it will take not more than 1 hour, otherwise I propose to do it for custom fee depending on complexity of your theme)

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2 Reviews

  1. Anthony says:

    Cool feature, wonder why it is missed in magento 2.x by default?

  2. Alex Lopez says:

    Installation was very easy and smooth, had no problems…just follow the instructions
    and it was ready…
    Alex’s support is AMAZING! like no other, keep like that! Thank you so much,!