Direct Add To Cart and Checkout Links For Magento 2

This extensions allows you to get direct link to cart or checkout for any product in your store


Get Direct “Add To Cart” Link for any product

  • As you may know, magento doesn’t allow to post direct “add to cart” links on separate web-sites. This extension allows you to do that!
  • It doesn’t hack or change core files, it’s built based on magento guideline.


Skip “Cart Overview” Step

  • This extension also provides add to links that add product to cart and bring customer right to checkout step without required step to view “Cart Contents”
  • Reduce amount of steps you customer have to perform to purchase your products



Advanced settings will allow you to tune checkout process easily



How to add add multiple products at once?
Generate url like below[1561][super_attribute][90]=56&product[1561][super_attribute][137]=168&product[1561][qty]=1&product[1545][super_attribute][90]=60&product[1545][super_attribute][137]=170&product[1545][qty]=1&product[45][bundle_option][1]=3&product[45][bundle_option_qty][1]=1&product[45][bundle_option][2]=4&product[45][bundle_option_qty][2]=1&product[45][bundle_option][3]=7&product[45][bundle_option_qty][3]=1&product[45][bundle_option][4]=8&product[45][bundle_option_qty][4]=1

How to specify coupon code in direct link?
Just append keyword coupon to it, for example

How to specify UTM or others tracking tags?
Simply append tags to the url, for example

How to set custom quantity?
Just append qty field, for example


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