How To Install extension?

Installation is quite simple.

1) Enable magento cache at magento admin panel at System > Cache Management

2) Disable compilation of source code in admin panel at System > Tools > Compilation

3) Copy files from this package to magento root folder

4) When copied, log in as adminstrator in admin panel and refresh magento cache at System > Cache Management

5) Then log off and log in back

Now extension is installed.

If you have any issues with extension and want to disable it, please

1. Open file app/etc/modules/EXTENSION.xml and change

and save it

2. Clean up magento cache at System > Cache Management

If you need our support on this please contact us via with description of the issue(s) and credentials to your magento:
– admin credentials: link, user name and password
– ftp/sftp address, user name, password with writing permissions
We will do our best to assist you

Thank you